Wanna Fly ? we gonna fly to the moon, Invest and get into the rocket. We gonna go together.

Rocket Launched


Best Features

Moon Lab (MLAB) is a decentralized finance that everyone is an owner with fair-launched project based on Binance Smart Chain combined with four major features, token reflection, anti-whale, LP acquisition, and token burn.


3% of every transaction is taken and re-distributed to all MLAB holders. The burn address is also a holder thus each transaction helps deflate the supply.


Each Buy/Sell more than 0.3% of the total supply will be rejected. This is implemented to protect the holders from the hands of whales for dumping tokens.

LP Acquisition

For each transaction, 3% is added to PancakeSwap LP to increased liquidity in the system and help to get the best swap rate. For security reason we will burn this LP.

Auto Burn

We value the safety of our holder's funds above everything, in long-term we decrease circulating supply by burning each 3% of a transaction tax to the ground.

Tokenomics & Distribution

Moon Lab [MLAB] is programmed to reward all holders while increasing both liquidity and value. It does this by applying a 6% tax on every transaction. Here how we organize and distribute the token.

Token Taxes

  • 3% To MLAB-BNB LP

  • 3% To All Holders

  • 3%

    3% To Auto Burn

  • 1%

    1% To Marketing

MLAB Max Supply

  • 50% Initial LP

  • 38% For Manual Burn

  • 6%

    6% Team & Marketing

  • 6%

    6% For Fun Airdrop

MoonLab TimeLock

MoonLab TimeLock is a smart contract that handles burning and locking developer funds that mean we can't transfer MLAB to any address except burning and developer address.

We lock 6% of teams until the 10830686th block is reached, After that, it will be released at 5,787,037 MLAB per block until it reaches 6% as specified in tokenomics (It will be released all within 2,592,000 blocks (1 block ~ 3.0s). We'll lock 38% of total supply and for transparency in the burning mechanism the system will operate in a smart contract that means we can't transfer MLAB to any address except burning address.

The Mission

This is how we plan after lauch the rocket ship.

Q2, 2021

Moon Colony

- ✅ Create community [DONE]
- ✅ Create Analytic [DONE]
- ✅ List on pancakeswap [DONE]

Q3, 2021

Audit Approaching

- AI New Token Listing
- Audit approaching
- Token airdrop
- Coingecko listing

Q4, 2021

Fun Time

- Add game/Lotto
- Community project vote
- Add Farm

Next year

Power up

- Stay tuned !

Token Burn Mechanism

3% of every transaction tax will be automatic burned but 38% of the total supply will be burned by following the mechanism below.

Burn 1%Burn 1%

If the number of holders is greater than 1,000

Burn 2%Burn 2%

If the number of holders is greater than 2,000

Burn 4%Burn 4%

If the number of holders is greater than 4,000

Burn 7%Burn 7%

If the number of holders is greater than 7,000

Burn 14%Burn 14%

If the number of holders is greater than 14,000